Mole Removal in Ireland

There are all sorts of moles that may appear on a person’s body.  Whilst some of them are tiny and cause no worries or concerns, others are quite disturbing and people affected by a dangerous or unattractive mole take a lot of interest in mole removal techniques hoping that they will obtain their much needed relief after eliminating the disturbing mole.  Some moles are so protruding that the risk of damaging them is too great to ignore.  Other moles are too visible for the comfort of people, and there are also the moles which can turn into malign moles at some point.  Dangerous moles need to be removed and to determine the status of a specific mole, the patient needs to undergo a biopsy which will assess whether the mole represents a health risk or not.

For those who want their moles removed for cosmetic purposes only, they should take into account that mole removal procedures can improve the way the area looks, but the risk of ending up with scars does exist.

Mole Removal in Ireland Procedure and Techniques

The procedure of eliminating moles involves the cleaning of the area and applying a local anaesthetic to numb it.  In the case of laser mole removal for example, the necessity of anesthetising the area containing the mole is relative as in many circumstances, the pain during the procedure is minimal.  Mole removal excisions are performed with the use of a scalpel which the doctor manoeuvres to cut the mole and a portion of skin surrounding it.  The size of this portion is determined by the surgeon performing the procedure, and since we’re talking about an excision, the patient will have stitches which are either placed somewhere at the surface of the skin, or deeper within, depending on the depth of the excision. 
Not all mole removal procedures demand the need of stitches as in some cases, the mole is simply shaved off, and the area is cauterized to stop any bleeding that occurs.  To minimize the risk of infection, the doctor will apply a topical antibiotic.  The major disadvantage with this kind of mole removal procedure is that mole cells do remain beneath the skin and thus, the mole may reappear during the course of time.
Laser mole removal is a procedure that involves little or no scarring at all, and it is used to eliminate moles that are located on the upper surfaces of the skin as deep moles cannot be penetrated by the laser.  Also, the moles that can be removed through this technique are recommended to be small, flat and newly appeared.

Mole Removal in Ireland Costs

When it comes to mole removal in Ireland, the expenses associated with such procedures vary greatly according to the clinic performing the mole removal, as well as depending on the size and type of the moles that need to be eliminated.  A simple search on the internet can provide people with a list of Ireland clinics that deal with mole removal, but whilst some display the costs of the procedure, others provide them on request.  Many clinics perform mole removal procedures for as little as £50 depending on the circumstances.

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