Mole Removal in Essex

You may have a few moles from birth, but these are rare as most of them appear as years pass by.  Some moles or nevi as they’re also called are tiny and appear in places on the surface of the skin where people are not disturbed by their presence, yet there are also moles whose appearance is rather uncomfortable due to aesthetic reasons, or because they get caught in clothes and thus increase the risk of becoming dangerous.  Aside from benign moles there are also moles that may lead to skin cancer, and these moles need to be removed completely to avoid the possibility of them growing back.

Mole Removal in Essex Techniques

One of the common mole removal techniques involves the use of laser which breaks apart the pigment of the mole, which is then absorbed by the body.  Thus, the mole disappears and in many cases, the healing process does not involve scarring at all.  When scarring does occur, the mark is usually barely noticeable and may fade over time.  When it comes to laser mole removal, this procedure is known to be recommended for specific moles, whilst in the case of other types, there are different mole removal techniques required.  Those that are suitable for laser mole removal need to be new, small, flat and have to be located in the upper layers of the skin because the laser beam cannot reach deeper moles.

Another mole removal technique is performed by shaving the mole which is then cauterised to stop the bleeding.  This is done only in the case of harmless protruding moles as these may grow back because the mole cells remain in the upper layers of the skin.

A more invasive method of removing moles which is usually performed in the case of difficult and dangerous moles requires the use of a tool to cut out the mole.  Along with the mole, the cosmetic surgeon also removes a normal portion of skin surrounding the mole to eliminate the risk of the mole growing back.  In the case of this mole removal procedure, the doctor will have to use stitches which can be removed in a few weeks.  Scarring is also a condition ever present in patients that undergo invasive mole removal procedures.

Finding Mole Removal Clinics in Essex

After having your moles analysed through a biopsy, you can then start looking for a clinic that deals with the mole removal techniques suitable for the type of moles present on your skin that need to be removed.  The best way to find a mole removal specialist in Essex is to use the internet to browse through various clinic options and select one that meets your requirements the best.  Prices differ greatly according to each clinic, yet there are mole removal clinics in Essex that perform such procedures at less than £100.  In addition, in case you need to have pre-cancerous moles removed from your skin, you could speak to your doctor about treatment on the NHS.

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