Mole Removal in England

Many people throughout England opt for mole removal on a yearly basis whether this is through natural home remedy treatments, over the counter mole removal creams or surgery.  Although most of us have moles on our bodies, there are some moles which are either not aesthetically pleasing, cause irritation or in the worse case scenario are cancerous.  In the last case we can opt to have our treatment paid for and completed on the NHS.  But what do we do if we purely want our moles removed for cosmetic reasons?  Below are a list of clinics in England that offer mole removal surgeries.

Mole Removal in England Clinics

There are dozens of private health clinics in England that offer mole removal.  A selection of the most popular includes:

  • The Hospital Group – The Hospital Group is a private health organisation that has clinics all over England including in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Newcastle Manchester and Nottingham.  Mole removal in England has never been easier with the hospital group, with each mole removal taking less than 30 minutes to complete.  With no prices listed on their official website, it is advised to contact them for a free quotation.
  • Spire Health Care – another private health organisation in England, Spire Health Care offer mole removal surgeries at 37 locations throughout the country including in London, Hull, Leeds, Norwich, Sussex, Newcastle and Cheshire.  Again, patients wishing to have their mole removed with Spire Health care need to contact them for a free quote via their website.  Spire Health Care have been in operation for decades and are one of the leading private health care clinics in the country.
  • Courthouse Clinics – with clinics located in the South East and Midlands areas of England, Courthouse Clinics is a private health care facility that specialises in minor cosmetic operations.  They offer both skin tag and mole removal surgeries with prices starting at £250.  Courthouse Clinics offer numerous different mole removal surgery options, and they also offer skin biopsies of every mole they remove.
  • Zenith Cosmetics – Zenith Cosmetics is one of the leading mole removal clinics in England today.  They pride themselves on offering revolutionary surgeries to improve the life’s and healing periods of their patients.  Not only do they offer the usual surgeries such as excision and laser removal they also offer radio surgical mole removal surgery, cryotherapy and chemical mole removal.  Patients opting for mole removal surgery can contact Zenith Cosmetics for a free consultation.
With so many mole removal clinics in England today, there are a lot of options depending on your price budget and preferences.  Before choosing a clinic you might want to ask your GP and your friends for their recommendations, and also check out customer testimonials on the internet.  The prices vary drastically throughout England so travelling to another city may be worthwhile if you are focussing solely on the price of treatment.  If you think there may be something wrong with your mole, be sure to have it checked for malignant melanoma before surgery.

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