Mole Removal in Cardiff

If you are worried or in any way inconvenienced by a mole, either for medical or for purely aesthetic reasons, it is strongly recommended that you see a specialist about it.  Removing moles, whether through surgery or through any other methods (like chemically, for example), while not something that often results in serious health issues (although, if you are to use chemical removal, you might want to be careful), can at least leave some scars.  This may defeat the purpose of removing the mole in the first place (especially if the purpose of the mole removal was aesthetic).  If there are medical reasons behind your decision, you may want also to be careful that the removal was done right and that nothing remained of the mole.  Either way, a cosmetic specialist is required.

Mole Removal in Cardiff Clinics

If you’re located in Cardiff or the nearby area, you have several options that you can try in order to proceed with mole removal.  Whether you’re looking for a general hospital or a more specialised cosmetic surgery clinic, a quick online search will provide you with several possibilities.  Here are some of them:

  • Mole Patrol - Located on Mulberry Drive, the Mole Patrol clinic is specialised in mole issues, making its doctors some of the best mole specialists you will find in the Cardiff area.
  • Cosmeticlinic - Located in Bedwas (South Wales), just 12 miles away from Cardiff, Cosmeticlinic offers cosmetic surgery services ranging from laser and ultrasound treatments to minor surgeries and more original treatments like acupuncture, radiofrequency and hyperhidrosis.
  • The Hospital Group - An international chain, with branches in the United States (Los Angeles), Spain (Marbella), Ireland (Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Galway) and the UK, The Hospital Group also has a branch in Cardiff, located on Windsor Place.  The Group offers various services from cosmetic surgery to obesity surgery, from hair loss surgery to cosmetic dentistry, using laser and non surgical treatments.
  • Vale Healthcare - Offers general medicine services, varying from orthopedy to gastroenterology, including physiotherapy and spine and back issues.  Cosmetic surgery and treatment is also included on the offer, and mole removal is part of the hospital’s expertise.  The Vale Healthcare chain includes three branches in Wales, one in Cardiff (on Dunleavy Drive) and two (one hospital and one clinic) in Hensol, 15 minutes away from Cardiff.

Whether you prefer to go with a specialised clinic or a general hospital, the first thing you need to do is book an appointment to have a check-up on the moles and establish the most suitable course of action.  There are various ways to remove moles, whether by surgery, liquid nitrogen treatment (freezing the moles), cauterization (burning the moles), laser or chemical treatment (literally killing the moles).  The location and the size of the moles may indicate which course of action is more suitable, though certain doctors may have their own personal preferences.

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