Mole Removal in Birmingham

If you need to have a mole removed in Birmingham there are plenty of places to choose from.  There will be the need to make sure that your mole is not cancerous but once you have been given the all clear you can start checking what each clinic has to offer and decide which one is best for you.  All have websites and will be able to answer any question you have and also will be able to give you a price.  They will probably stress this is an estimate if they have not seen the mole but as long as you tell them all about it and any unusual aspects it should be an accurate quote.

Mole Removal in Birmingham Clinics

  • Just Defy Aesthetics Clinicians -This clinic offers most forms of anti-aging treatments as well as mole removal.  They will give you a quote before the work begins and all staff are fully qualified.  You will need to fill in a form for more details or a price and it will be best to make sure you give them as much information as possible.  The more they know the more prepared they will be when you turn up to have your mole removed.
  • SurgiCare Birmingham- There is no need to stay overnight if you are having a mole removed as the procedure does not take long and you can be in and out in a few hours.  You can finance the treatment but as it is cosmetic surgery you will have to pay for it.  Staff are all fully qualified their area of work and have the correct qualifications to allow them to practice.
  • The Sk:n Clinic Birmingham - There are not just mole removal facilities here but they also carry out a lot of other beauty practices.  You will have to be a private patient as this is cosmetic surgery.  They are fully qualified and registered with the HAS Register of Injectable Cosmetic Providers (UK) and the CQC - Care Quality Commission (UK).
  • The Bourneville Surgery - The surgery has staff who are experts in different types of mole removal and plenty of other beauty treatments.  Again there will not be a problem making an appointment as you will be paying for the surgery.

Mole Removal in Birmingham

Once you have decided on the clinic you are going to use there will be two important things you need to discuss with them.  One will clearly be the cost and as some of them arrange finance it may be that fact that helps you to choose.  The second is the method of removal.  One way is by laser and the mole will be slowly burned away.  The second involves the mole lowly being sliced away until it is flat to your face.  The third is slightly more complex. The mole will be cut out and the wound will be stitched.  This could easily leave more of a scar so you should be prepared for some after care.  However you choose to deal with mole removal in Birmingham there will be a clinic to help.

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