White Mole Removal

When you think of a mole you often think of a black or dark brown raised and ugly lump but not all moles fit into this category.  Not all are this colour and there are many that are white.  Just because it is white it does not mean that it is better or worse than a dark coloured one.  As far as appearance goes a white one may be less embarrassing and you may find that there is less trouble with people noticing or commenting on it but this does not mean that they are completely safe.  If the mole is just white there should not be too much to worry about but if there are other colours present the mole should be checked out.

Finding a White Mole

If you find a white mole not all people will realise that it is a mole and just consider that there is something a little different about the pigmentation of their skin.  Albinism is disease quite often confused with moles but if there are only a couple you can soon realise that this is not the case.  Once you do find a white mole it is important that you spend as little time as possible in the sun and also make sure that you are covered up with sun cream.
In the same way that you would visit your doctor if you suddenly started developing more moles you should do the same once white moles start to appear.  It will be people of all colours who will develop white moles and it is important to realise this as they can be cancerous and it would be wrong for people of a certain colour or race to think that they could not be affected.  Once the doctor has been visited they should be able to send the mole away for a biopsy and this will tell you if the mole is in fact cancerous.  If it is they will want to make sure that all of it is completely removed so there is no chance that it will spread.

Natural Remedies for White Mole Removal

If the mole is not cancerous you can still try some of the cheaper or natural remedies to remove moles that you have but once you have had one white mole that is cancerous it will be best to have the rest of them checked out by the doctor.  A cancerous mole will be removed free of charge by the NHS so there is no need to worry that it is going to be more expensive than you can afford.  If they are not cancerous the choice as to whether or not to have them removed is up to you.

Once the moles have been sorted out or even if you do not treat them but decide to live with them, it is important to keep away from the sun to make sure you are not putting your health at risk.  You can still go out in the sun but it is important make sure you are covered up.

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