Small Mole Removal

As people get older marks and blemishes appear on the skin.  However much you look after your skin with the use of skin creams and potions plus staying away from the sun, they will still appear.  Moles are no exception and while some will be a family thing, some just seem to appear when we are older.  Some may be dangerous and in a way it is good if they are.  They can be an early warning that there are problems and if the doctor finds they are cancerous it will be best to check to find out if there are any more.

Home Remedies for Small Mole Removal

A small mole may not bother many people but if you are bothered you will want to have it removed.  There is the point that it can grow so if you think you are going to have surgery it will be best to start the process as soon as possible.  Small moles can be treated at home and there are plenty of home remedies.  Many of them are dismissed as old wives tales but if you would rather try anything before surgery it will be worth looking some of the procedures up.  Some are quite abrasive such as pineapple and this can have a bad effect if you put too much acid on the skin.
There are a number of milder remedies and these will be best especially if the treatment is for a child.  Most of them involve turning the product into a liquid and rubbing it onto the mole until it falls off.  The normal items considered are garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.

Medical Small Mole Removal

If you do decide to have your small mole removed by a doctor there will be plenty to choose from.  While it is always best to use a reputable doctor, it is a minor procedure so you should have plenty of choice of doctors.  If you have a collection of moles it will be possible to have them all removed together as it is not a painful process and the recovery time will not be long.  There will be the need to keep the dressing covered for a few days, so if there are a number on your face you may want to take a few days off work rather than returning quite heavily bandaged.

It should be an easy and pain free procedure and will take place either in the doctor’s office or a hospital.  As the mole is only small the hope will be that the root will not be strong or difficult to remove.  It will not be likely that your GP will carry it out but rather a specialist.  As a result of this there will be a charge but if you feel your confidence has been knocked as a result of the mole appearing then it will be well worth while.

Once they are removed the scars should not be visible for long.  There is no guarantee that they will not appear either in the same place or elsewhere on your face but as long as they are checked for cancer they can be easily removed again.

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