Skin Mole Removal

Depending on where the skin mole is located they can be uncomfortable and are often unsightly.  They may not cause a great deal of problems on the body but depending on their location they can be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious.  They can become quite large and this may be the deciding factor as to whether or not you have them removed.

Skin Mole Removal

There is not always the need to have a skin mole removed, but it is often done through vanity.  Wanting to have perfect skin is important and a mole will detract from the perfection.  This can soon be regained by a simple treatment.  The procedure is nothing to be afraid of and you can be in and out in less than a day.
It is possible to have skin moles removed by a doctor and this can be done using a local anaesthetic.  It is not classed as a major operation but there could well be some pain or discomfort afterwards.  Providing there are no problems there should not be much if a mark left, although there will be small marks where the stitches were.  These should fade in time so do not think that the removal will leave you permanently scarred.

Who can have Skin Moles Removed?

As long as the initial tests come back clear, anyone can have their skin moles removed.  It will make no difference if you are male or female or what skin type you have.  Age will not make a difference as there will not be the need for a general anaesthetic so there are no concerns about heart problems.  There may well be a cost though so you must be prepared to pay.

How Long does Skin Mole Removal Take?

Depending on the amount of moles you require removing, the treatment can take as little as 20 minutes.  Clearly the more to be removed the longer the treatment time.  The area will be numbed, the skin mole removed and the cut closed.  As soon as the dressing is in place, the patient will be able to go home.

What Happens Next?

As long as there are no complications and the wounds do not become infected, there will not even be the need for a follow up appointment.  Even though it will seem like a small operation it is important to keep the area clean as infection in any wound can still be dangerous.  If there appears to be something wrong with the wound or if the area is knocked in any way it may be best to return for a check-up.  The next time you should return to the clinic is to have the stitches removed.  If the wound is to the face it will be within a week, but elsewhere could be two weeks or more.

The sample will be sent away for further tests to make sure that it was just a mole and nothing more serious.  If the mole returns there is no reason why you cannot go through the process again.  Just as much care will be taken the second time and all the tests will be carried out again.

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