Raised Mole Removal

All moles will be different but it is very likely that if you have one on your face you may want to have it removed.  Some are quite flat and can be covered with make up to an extent, but if the mole is raised it will still be noticeable.  Just because it is raised it does not mean that there is anything dangerous about it or that you need to anything done to it.  It is your mole and it is up to you whether you keep it or not.

Why Remove a Raised Mole?

It will be best to have a raised mole checked by a doctor or dermatologist from time to time especially if you think it is changing colour, shape or texture.  The worst case scenario is that it could be cancerous but this is not always the case.  You will at least have peace of mind once the results come back clear.  If you are unfortunate and the tests are not clear, the mole can be removed.  Regardless of how unconcerned you were about it in the past, if you find out that your mole is cancerous it will be time to have it removed.
There are other reasons to get rid of raised moles.  For a man who has a raised mole on his face it can be a problem when he shaves.  As well as the pain of nicking it with the razor each morning, it can look unsightly travelling to work with bits of paper stuck to your face and blood dripping onto your shirt.  Elsewhere on the body it can be uncomfortable if it rubs against clothing or is caught on things as you move.  Also a mole that was clear two years ago may not stay clear forever.  It is possible for a mole to turn cancerous and this is especially true of raised moles.  It is not possible to stress enough that they should be checked out and not just removed.

Raised Mole Removal

It is not impossible to remove a raised mole by laser treatment as this form of removal is normally considered best for flat moles.  The laser will not be able to reach the skin through the mole so the light will rarely get to the layers of skin necessary to remove the mole.  If your mole is raised the doctor will suggest that it is removed by excision.  This is the process whereby the doctor cuts away the area around the mole and then removes the root as deep down as he can.  It is unfortunately not the case that the mole can just be taken from the skin as there is a need to remove a small area all around it and go down as deeply as necessary.

There can be some scarring but this will not normally last long.  There is no guarantee that there will never be another mole on that site or that the mole that replaces it will not be cancerous but by always checking them you should notice when a mole changes and needs to be looked at.

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