Mole Removal on Skin

If you look around any department store beauty department as well as make up and perfume there will be a large area dedicated to products that are going to work on the skin.  They will clear up spots, remove lines and generally make you look years younger.  This is big business and the fact that there are so many products goes to show how far people will go to have beautiful skin.  To spend so much time and effort keeping your skin young and health y to suddenly find out that there is a mole will be a blow and you are bound to want it to be removed.

Firstly you should check out that it is just a mole that can be removed and does not need to be treated to a higher level.  A mole can be an indicator of cancer and by having a quick consultation the disease can be caught in the early stages and before it spreads.

Home Mole Removal on Skin

When you decide to have a mole removed there are two different ways you can go about it.  There are a lot of home remedies and over the counter products that will have some sort of effect on a mole.  The home remedies tend to be a basic as rubbing a bit of garlic or a slice of pineapple on the mole and this is supposed to remove it.  This is not a method that seems to have any great success as all that is likely to happen is that the skin will become damaged.  If the damage is bad enough it may peel and a mole without a deep root might be removed.  The scarring left by the use of acidic juices on the skin may be worse than the mole.  A mole with a deep root will not be affected at all, as even if the skin flaked off, the root would not be affected.
Some over the counter procedures have been found to work in some cases, but for many the complete removal of the mole is important.  The over the counter products may not be able to kill off the root and so it will still be there and maybe ready to grow again.

Medical Removal of Moles on the Skin

To permanently remove the mole there will be the need for surgery.  If this is carried out properly and the root is removed the mole should not return.  If a small piece of the root is left behind there is a chance that it will grow.  There will be a scar for a short time but if carried out properly there will be no long lasting effects.

Another way to remove it is laser surgery.  This can often be carried out in one session although it works much better on a flat mole than a raised one.  The light of the laser needs to get to the skin and with a raised mole the light will not find its way through.  Whichever method you choose once the procedure is completed you will be happy with the look and feel of your skin once again.

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