Mole Removal on Nose

Facial moles will always be a problem and may make you conscious that people are staring at them.  If the mole is on your nose you will find that the problem is worse.  If you wear glasses they could keep knocking the mole and as well as being annoying is can be quite painful and may end up causing additional damage.  It may sound strange but some people who have a mole on the nose insist that it distracts them at the most annoying times.  Sometimes they are looking in a particular direction and they find that the mole – especially if it is raised – catches heir eye and some go as far as to say they think it can affect their sight.  This is not just due to the mole being in eyesight but the fact that they can now not wear glasses due to either the pain or annoying rubbing.

All the same treatments for moles on the body can be used for moles on the nose and just because the mole is on the face there should not be a problem.  There is the chance that there will be a small scar but that may be better than having the mole left as it was.

Different Options for Mole Removal on Nose

The normal procedure for most people will be to try as many different products as they can before they actually decide on surgery.  There are plenty of normal foodstuffs that are supposed to have the ability to remove moles.  As garlic and onions are two of them it is a bit difficult to have them so close to your nose unless you have a really bad sense of smell.  If the over the counter products don’t work for you it will seem that the last option will be surgery and there will still be the problems you have been experiencing for a short while at least.  Depending on the type of mole the treatment will be slightly different.  A flat mole can normally be treated with a laser and the heat will just burn away the mole- this really is an easy way for mole removal on the nose.

Cutting away a Mole on the Nose

If the mole is raised it will need to be cut away either by gently shaving it or opening up the area around it and pulling it out.  Both will be effective but the shaving should leave less of a scar and also heal more quickly.  Wearing glasses for a short while after have the mole cut out may be a problem as the areas will be tender and maybe swollen for a while.  This will be a small price to pay to have the mole removed and also there will be peace of mind when the tests come back clear after it has been checked for things such as cancer.

Having the mole that was on your nose removed does not mean that you won’t have another one there is the future, but for the time being you can relax and start to get your confidence back

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