Large Mole Removal

A mole of any size can make you feel self-conscious but if they are bigger than normal you will want to have it treated.  Even defining a large mole can be difficult because what is a problem for one person may be of no concern for another.  If you decide that you want surgery the doctor will assess the mole and if they consider it to be large they will carry out the treatment accordingly.

Large Mole Removal

A doctor will always be able to remove a large mole but if you do not want to have treatment that could include having the mole cut out or lasered away there are other options.  There will be a cost involved for seeing a doctor if there is not a medical reason to have the mole removed so it will be much cheaper to try a few home remedies fist and see what happens.  Fewer people are using doctors for removal, so there must be something in some of the home remedy products that work.  The main thing will be to find out what type of mole you have and choose a product that that will work for you.
There are a number of advantages to carrying out your own treatment including:

  • Cost – clearly the cost of a treatment from a pharmacy will be much cheaper than an appointment with a doctor, even if you need to try out a few different types.
  • Less pain – none of the treatments are invasive so there will not be a cut or scar.  Providing the home treatment is used as per the instructions there should not be any marks left once the mole has been removed.  The skin may be slightly discoloured but nothing too noticeable after a few days.
  • Time – as you will be able to do this at home, even if you have to carry out the treatment over a few days or weeks, you can do it when it is best for you rather than fit it in with the doctor’s surgery and the appointments they give you.
  • Privacy – no one has to see you right away.  Being around strangers when you are dealing with medical issues can be stressful.

Types of Large Mole Removal Product

There are a number of different products on the market and it is not right to assume that the cheapest product is useless and that by paying a lot you will get a really good product.  There are some treatments that may take a long time to remove the mole but others will do it in a day or two.  Some treatments will only need one application to be effective while others will require you to make repeat applications over a period of time.

Whichever type you try you should first check that the mole is not cancerous.  A doctor’s appointment will be needed for this and they may have to cut a small part of the mole away.  Just because you have the mole checked out by a doctor does not mean that you will then have to use them to have the mole removed.

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