Flat Mole Removal

Moles appear at any stage of our life but they are more likely to appear as we are older.  None are completely safe and it will always be best to examine them.  If you notice any changes however small it will be a good idea to have them checked out by a doctor.  It may not be a problem but at least you will have peace of mind.

You may not like having a mole but there can be advantages. As well as being considered a beauty mark by many they can give advanced warnings about health problems.  Flat moles are more likely to be an advanced warning about melanoma.  Melanoma is the form of cancer that is less likely to be able to be cured if it is left unchecked.  Many moles are genetic so if there is a family history you will very likely notice moles appearing at one time.  They can become more prominent in the sun, so it is important to always cover the skin with sun cream.  If it appears that there is a problem with your mole you will be best having it removed.

Melanoma Flat Mole Removal

This type of flat mole removal will be carried out by a doctor who will also carry out further tests once it is taken off.  There may be some pain as the cut may have to be made quite deeply into the body depending on how deep the root is.  As long as the wound is properly cleaned and the dressing changed regularly there should not be an infection.  If one appears it can be treated with antibiotics in the first instance, but as there are problems with hospitals and MSRA if it does not clear up or appears to get worse, it is important to go back to the doctor right away.

Other Flat Mole Removals

If there is not a problem with the mole you will still be able to have it removed but it is more than likely that you will have to pay.  The process is easy and if you do not want surgery on a mole there are other procedures you can try first.
Some are creams and lotions that are meant to make the mole dry up and eventually fall off.  It will begin to go hard and a day or two later will just drop off.  Some people will choose to try home remedies first and this is normally on the basis of just rubbing certain fruits on the area.  Pineapple is popular and it is believed that there is something in the juice that will react with the mole and remove it. 

Other flat mole removal processes include surgery.  This process will not take long and a normal size mole – around 0.5 cm will take about 10 minutes to be removed.  This includes the time for the anaesthetic to work so you will not have to bear 10 minutes of just being cut open and having the flat mole pulled out.  There are very few instances where there will be any problems when having a flat mole removed and if there is it will just be a slight scar which should disappear over time.

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