Facial Mole Removal

There has been a lot written about the importance of checking that moles are safe before you have them removed.  The appearance of a new mole can be an early warning that something is not right.  A doctor will send away the mole to be analysed once it has been removed and at least you will know that for the time being you are safe.  If another one appears in the same place it does not mean that this will also be safe so it is best to have every new mole assessed.

Having a facial mole can make you very self-conscious and possibly even imagine that the problem is much worse than it is.  You will see it so often and think that other people are as aware of it as you are.  Flat moles can be disguised to an extent by covering them with makeup but a raised one will still show up and make up may even emphasise it.  There are some home remedies to try for facial mole removal and while some will work, you may decide that due to the mole being on your face you want to make sure that it is a professional that removes it.  If you tried yourself at home you may do something wrong and leave a mark on your face that was much worse than the facial mole.

Facial Mole Removal

Ideally a mole will only be removed under certain circumstances.  The general idea is that the mole will be unsightly or there is a concern that it is cancerous.  In reality any facial mole will be considered unsightly by the person who has it so they will always want it be removed.  Clearly one that is changing should be removed as soon as possible.

Once you have decided to visit a clinic the facial mole will be removed either by laser treatment or surgery.  One way is to shave the mole and this means that there will be very thin layers shaved off until the area is level with the rest of the skin.  As the area has been anaesthetised there will not be any pain.  The only problem is that there could be part of the mole under the skin and the chance that it will begin to grow again.  The area is sealed with a laser to stop any bleeding.  For an average sized mole the entire procedure will take about 20 minutes and it will take about a week or two to heal.

Facial Mole Removal Deep Cuts

If there are concerns that the facial mole is malignant then the entire mole will be removed even if it means making a fairly deep cut to remove it.  It will be dangerous to leave any of it behind.  There may be the need for a cauterising laser to stem the bleeding and it will have to be stitched.  Before long the scarring should start to fade, but if it is a deep cut, some slight marks may remain for some time.  It is however better to be safe than sorry.

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