Cosmetic Mole Removal

Moles will normally be dark brown or black and often raised from the skin.  They can be found on any part of the body and are often genetic.  The sun can cause them to be more noticeable and it is advisable to cover the skin in sun screen when out in the sun.  Most of the time there is not a problem with moles, and unless you are very self-conscious there is no need to have them removed.  If you are unfortunate and it appears that they are cancerous or pre-cancerous you will need to have them removed.

Cosmetic Mole Removal Surgery

The way the mole is removed will depend on a number of factors.  The size and shape will be considered and you will also have to explain any recent changes you have noticed.  The area around the mole will be anaesthetised and if it is considered necessary there will be a sedative offered.  The mole will be removed with a scalpel and the area cut will be slightly larger than the mole.  It is important to make sure that the entire mole is taken away, as if there is any of the root left there will still be the chance of re growth or leaving some cancerous cells behind.  The hole will then be stitched up and covered with a protective cloth.  There is the chance that a scar will be left but over time this will likely fade.
In order to ensure there is not a scar it is possible to just shave the mole away.  This will mean there is not a hole and the healing should be quicker.  There will also not be a scar as there is no need for stitches.  Once the mole has been shaved until it is flat to the skin, it is then cauterized to stop the bleeding.  This is not as effective as having a mole cut out as there will likely be some cells left and the mole will re grow.

Cosmetic Mole Removal Surgery Costs

Once you have decided to have the mole removed on cosmetic grounds, you will need to know how much this will cost.  Your doctor cannot refer you to a hospital so you will have to see a specialist.  You could find your own, but as your doctor cannot charge you for a referral letter you may be best taking their advice.

When you make an appointment it will initially be just for a consultation.  This can cost in the region of £100 to £1250 although most are around £150.  If you are happy to proceed you will then book your appointment.  Having gone this far it is more than likely you are serious and intend to go ahead with the cosmetic mole removal surgery.  On average the cost will be in the region of £300 per mole. This may seem expensive but you are paying for the surgeon, the use of the theatre, being anaesthetised, drugs and nursing care.  Depending on how long you stay in hospital there may be additional costs, but there should normally be no need to stay for more than an hour after surgery.

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