Cherry Mole Removal

Cherry coloured moles or more technically Campbell de Morgan spots are small blemishes that appear on the skin and are a cluster of capillaries that rise above the surface.  They are not associated with cancerous moles and due to their often small appearance they do not bother people to the extent that dark moles do.  They are clearly visible but their light colour makes them less worrying.  If they are on the face however there may be the requirement to have them removed as you will be conscious of them in a way you would not be if they were on another part of the body.

Also called cherry angioma, there is a liquid treatment that will deal with this type of mole in a gentle way.  They will have to be dealt with carefully though as even though they may seem insignificant any wrong doing can leave a blemish.  If they are on the face there will be the need to take extra care as you will not want to replace one blemish with another.

Cherry Mole Home Removal

Start the treatment by selection a cherry mole to remove.  Gently rub the liquid onto it and rub it in as you would if you were moisturising.  Using a skin protector will make sure that there is little or no damage to the skin.  It needs to be allowed to dry and this will normally be for a period of 30 minutes.  There will be a red residue left on the skin and they can be washed away.  The sooner you start this type of treatment the easier it should be to remove the mole as they will not have had a chance to establish themselves.  If they have not disappeared 90 days after starting treatment it can be considered that this form of treatment will not work and another method should be looked at.

The next method to try is the Lam probe whereby there will be a series of taps made to the area and they will normally disappear right away.  There will be a small white patch left behind but this should disappear in a short period of time.

Clinical Cherry Mole Removal

Lasers are designed to remove many things on the body and cherry moles can be treated effectively with them.  The treatment will not take long and is not at all painful.  The laser hits the skin and there is the sensation of a small warm tap on the skin.  As they take a long time to appear there will possibly be a collection needing removal at the same time.  Once they have been removed there is no guarantee that they will not come back, but as treatment is quick and safe the latest group can soon be removed.
Once the treatment has taken place you will be able to go home right away.  There will likely be a small mark on the skin and over the next day or so the areas will become dry and a scab will form.  This will fall away over a few days as any scab will and soon the skin will be fresh and clear again.

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