Cancerous Mole Removal

We all have moles and they appear at different times throughout our lives.  Most of them will be safe and although we do not like them we don’t need to do anything about them.  Many people chose to have them removed as they find them ugly and make them feel unattractive but this is a matter of choice and many people in contrast live with them and don’t let them bother them at all.

The problem comes when it turns out that the mole or moles are cancerous.  A mole that changes shape or suddenly grows is likely to be cancerous and in a way this mutation is a good thing as it is an advanced warning that there is a problem.  The downside is that if the mole is on the back or somewhere out of sight you may not know until it is too late.  There can also be pain and possible bleeding so you still may have a chance to have an early warning.

Changes in the Mole leading to Cancerous Mole Removal

The name for cancerous moles is malignant melanoma and here are the main symptoms apart from them generally changing shape:

  • The mole may split to an extent that it bleeds.  The sore will take a long time to heal and due to the blood or anything else that oozes out of it you should be well aware of the problem
  • The shape changes to a large degree.  The mole becomes much bigger and often rises away from the body.  This can be a flat mole that has just begun to raise or an already raised mole that is raising more.  Often you will find clothing catching on them and if this happens do not just assume you are being clumsy but have it tested.
  • More moles appearing.  We all get extra moles but when it is more than one or two and you have not spent a great deal of time in the sun you should have it checked out.  If you are over 40 you will have reached the age when you will expect to get more moles so check them carefully.
  • If the mole suddenly appears to be more than one colour.  You may have moles of different colours in different places but when it is one mole and multiple colours it is time to see a doctor.

Even if you are not sure that the mole is cancerous there will not be harm in having them looked at.

Cancerous Mole Removal Surgery

Moles can be cut away and if your doctor confirms your fears and that there is a chance that the mole is cancerous you should have it treated straight away.  The doctor will cut out the mole and a fair bit of the skin and flesh around it.  It is vital that the entire mole and the root are taken away as any part left behind could still be cancerous and if not treated could begin to spread.  You will be advised to make regular checks to make sure that this has not happened to any of your other moles.

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