Black Mole Removal

Although you may not want any moles on your skin, having black ones will be quite distressing as they are so visible and there will also be the concern that they could be cancerous.  Not knowing why you get them will add to the worry but often they just appear when you are a certain age, or appear gradually and you just become more aware of them.

There are a variety of ways to remove them.  Before any treatment is started however it will be best to have them checked out, especially if they seem an unusual shape or you notice that they change shape or appearance over time.  Having a mole is not a life threatening condition, having a changeable one that you neglect could be.  Once you have been given the all clear regarding the mole you can then start black mole removal treatment.  There are herbal remedies that can remove them, and there are claims that these will stop the moles returning but this may not be the case.  They may be effective in black mole removal, but they cannot completely alter the skin to stop others.

Black Mole Removal Home Remedies

There are natural remedies that are as basic as rubbing garlic onto the black mole and even if they do remove the mole you may lose your friends for a while.  Cider vinegar is another suggestion and even if the mole remained people will probably not get close enough to you (due to the smell) to notice it.  Aspirins have many uses, but quite how effective they will be in this case has yet to be proved.  The idea is to crush the tablet to a powder and place over the mole.  This method of black mole removal has not been verified.
There seems to be a wide range of fruits that can be used in black mole removal including pomegranate and pineapple and claims are made that they would make them fall off within a few days.  If this was really the case there would not be many people who still had them.  The above being said, the best black mole removal procedure may be via surgery.

Black Mole Removal Surgical Procedures

If you find that the home remedy black mole removal methods do not work, the next option is surgery.  This will be carried out in a hospital and the doctor will remove the mole by cutting around it and lifting it out.  There may be a problem when they cut into the skin as they could find that the root is quite long.  This should not stop removal, but it may mean a longer recovery period.

Lasers can be used effectively in black mole removal.  There will be a laser aimed at the mole and the intention will be to dry it out and make it shrivel.  Once the treatment is complete the mole should dry within a few days and then drop off.  This is a safe procedure and the only problem could be if the laser was too hot.  Very often the skin around the mole will have an ice pack in place to ensure that the skin does not heat up.  There is no guarantee that a black mole will not return, but once removed you will be confident that any future ones can be treated in the same way

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