Natural Remedies for Mole Removal

Different methods for mole removal are very common searches on the internet today.  This is enough proof to show that society defines beauty as having clear, flawless skin, and moles stand in the way of society’s standard of beauty.  However, there are also stories about how surgical, topical, and other forms of treatment have caused more harm than good by infecting the mole during the process, or even making a worse lesion on the skin because of scarring.  If you don’t want these things but you still want to get rid of your mole, why not try natural remedies for mole removal?  Natural remedies for mole removal can be anything from common household items you have at your place or extracts from plants that have been proven to help remove moles for many centuries.  Here is a list of a few natural remedies for mole removal.


Among the natural remedies for mole removal listed in this article, iodine application is the most painless, natural way to remove your moles.  Apply iodine on your mole at least 3x a day until the mole dries up and peels off by itself.  Iodine does not sting the skin like other natural remedies listed below, but it takes a lot longer before you can see the effects of your natural treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common household item you can find in any kitchen.  If you don’t have one, you can buy at any grocery store near you.  Dab apple cider vinegar on your mole 3x a day until the mole dries up, forms a scab, and heals by itself.  However, APV is quite harmful to normal skin because of its acidic content, so make sure to use some protective coating on the skin near your moles if you don’t want to get burned.  Petroleum jelly would work fine.  Daily application of APV is the most common among natural remedies for mole removal.


Garlic is a very strong mole removal remedy and is one of the best known among many natural remedies for mole removal.  What you need to do 3x daily is to cut a fresh clove of garlic, extract the juices by means of pounding the clove, and apply the juices to the mole.  However, you have to be really careful because garlic juice stings.  If you are not careful enough, you will surely end up getting burned skin around the mole.  To avoid this, apply petroleum jelly around the mole.

Bloodroot Sap

Bloodroot sap is known to be among the best effective natural remedies for mole removal.  For centuries, it has been used by civilizations in Asia and South America to treat the very problem you have at hand: moles!  However, the sap of bloodroot is so strong that it can easily burn skin.  Before you apply the sap, prepare the area around the mole by coating it THICKLY with petroleum jelly.  Apply bloodroot sap once a day, until the mole forms a scab and dries up, peeling off by itself afterward.

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