Mole Removal Surgery

Many people, especially the religious, believe that altering the attributes of one’s physical body is sin and is a violation to the “house” that shelters the soul.  However, there are also people who believe that it is every person’s right to undergo any form of treatment he would like to have in order to have a better looking and/or healthier body.  A good example of how a person’s appearance can be changed by modern technology is through undergoing mole removal surgery.  Moles are viewed by some people as skin flaws.  In turn, these people find ways on how to remove them, such as mole removal surgery.  But what exactly is mole removal surgery and how does it “remove a mole”?

The Process of Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal surgery is usually performed by a licensed health care professional such as a dermatologist.  There are various types of mole removal surgery.  The most common is where the mole is excised and the opening is stitched to encourage proper wound healing.  The other form of surgery is called “shaving” where the moles that are raised above the skin are “shaved”, causing the inner layer of the mole to be revealed and the mole to subsequently die.  The last form of surgery is the use of high-frequency radio waves that vaporize the water in cells, making them (and the mole) vanish!
Whatever form of mole removal surgery you will undergo, the main objective of the surgery is to remove the mole, remove any threat of cancer, and cause as little or no scarring as possible.  The surgery often follows an initial assessment of what type of mole you have.  This is the check up where the doctor will determine whether the mole is cancerous or not and what type of surgery will work best to clear it up.
Surgery takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes, depending on the size and number of moles you want removed.  The healing time of the wound takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks.  You should be able to return to work the next day, since you will be on painkillers and it is not really bothersome enough for you to get a day’s rest.

Benefits of Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal surgery, unlike other methods of mole removal, is completed in only one session.  It may cause a little pain but you are guaranteed to have clearer skin afterwards, with a very slim chance of mole recurrence.  Scarring will depend on how large the mole was and how well it was taken care of while it was healing.  Surgery to remove moles is the best way to avoid side effects of removing a mole, since a doctor is closely monitoring its progression and healing.

Treatment Cost

Mole removal surgery is comparably more expensive than other forms of mole removal.  However, the advantages of this procedure still outweigh the disadvantages.  After all, the treatment cost for a small mole is would somewhere be between £200-1000, inclusive of doctor’s fees, local anaesthesia, check-ups, and painkillers.  In any case, beauty has a price, and if you want it, you have no choice but to pay for it!

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