Mole Removal Creams

Some people don’t mind having a few moles here and there, while there are others who hate the presence of a mole, no matter how small (or large) it is.  It is always a personal choice as to whether or not a person will remove his or her moles, and people around that person should learn to respect such a decision.  The good thing about this is there are many mole removal methods that are cheap, fast, reliable, and can be used at home!  Mole removal creams are products that are becoming very popular these days and you can find hundreds of mole removal creams with different formulas and promising results!  If you want to know more about mole removal creams and how they work, read on.

Prior to Buying Mole Removal Creams

Prior to buying over-the-counter mole removal creams, better get your mole or moles checked by a dermatologist because applying mole removal creams over cancerous moles (called melanoma) is very life-threatening.  You may opt to ask the dermatologist to prescribe a removal cream for moles that he/she knows would work.  There are hundreds of brands of these creams on the market and only 10% of them work, so better seek the opinion of a health care professional before using one.  The use and formulation of removal creams for moles often vary, so you need to follow instructions properly to avoid burns or unwanted lesions on your skin.

All-natural Plant Derivatives

If you browse the local pharmacist’s shop, you will find a lot of mole removal creams that were made from plant derivatives.  For centuries, civilizations in Asia and the Middle East have used extracts and saps from various plants to “cure” them of their moles.  Among these famous plants are bloodroot, garlic, onion, and even cashew nuts.  These plants all contain chemical compounds that have the ability to break down pigments, causing moles to fade or peel off.  Since these plants have been used for centuries for the very purpose of removing moles, it is enough indication that creams that have any of these plants as a base may just work well for you.

Chem-lab Chemicals

Chemistry laboratory chemicals are creams that have laboratory-made chemical compounds.  These creams contain very strong chemicals that are effective enough to cause cells to die and for melanin to fade.  Because of the strong chemical compounds found in these creams, you have to make sure that the only section of skin where it is applied is on moles, since they may burn or sting normal skin.  You need to closely read and follow the instructions in the packaging if you don’t want to risk getting burned skin or stings.

Home Remedy Mole Removal Creams

Some home remedies are also successful enough to work as mole removal creams.  For instance, a mixture of castor oil and baking soda that has been combined to form a “cream” is proven to be able to remove moles.  You have to apply this mixture on the mole about 3x a day every day until the mole fades.  If you really don’t have a budget for expensive mole removal creams, then using homemade removal creams may be the best option for you.

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