Mole Removal Cosmetic Surgery

There are different reasons as why an individual feels the need to remove a mole on his or her body.  Aesthetically speaking, a large mole on the face or neck isn’t very appealing, especially if it is very discoloured and even has hairs growing on it.  Medically speaking, a mole may be cancerous especially if it keeps growing and starts to become a painful disturbing lesion.  In any case, a person has to take action and seek the help of a dermatologist to remove or at least treat the mole.

Among the numerous methods of mole removal, mole removal cosmetic surgery is regarded as a very safe and effective means of ridding one’s self of moles.  Although expensive, mole removal cosmetic surgery guarantees the removal of the mole while preventing its recurrence and the appearance of unsightly scars.  Here are a few facts you should know about mole removal cosmetic surgery.

The Process of Mole Removal Cosmetic Surgery

To undergo mole removal cosmetic surgery, you have to consult a dermatologist for a pre-surgery evaluation of your mole.  The doctor has to check the amount of pigment, depth of the mole, and whether or not it is cancerous.  From there, the doctor will be able to provide an informed decision as to whether or not mole removal cosmetic surgery is the right procedure for you.
After the administration of a local anaesthetic, the doctor will incise the mole to remove the growth together with the mole’s roots.  A mole that is not really large can be removed through mole shaving.  Ask your doctor about what procedure he/she intends to use if you are interested to know how it will be done.
Mole removal cosmetic surgery may last anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the number and depth of moles to be removed.  While healing, the patient is required to cleanly dress the wound and regularly clean it with antiseptic until it dries.  Antibiotics may also be administered in special cases.

Benefits of Mole Removal Cosmetic Surgery

Of all the methods of mole removal used by dermatologists, mole removal cosmetic surgery is proven to be the best procedure if you don’t want scars and you don’t want your mole or moles to recur.  The skin where the mole was once located will appear normal and evenly textured.  In the long run, cosmetic surgery prevents the growth and regrowth of moles that may be cancerous.

Misconceptions of Mole Removal Cosmetic Surgery

Some people tend to believe that cosmetic surgery to remove moles is only an option for people who have cancerous moles.  However, surgery to remove moles can also be applied to non-cancerous moles.  The process is also not painful, since there is a local anaesthetic and painkillers can be used during its healing stage, when the area is most likely itchy due to cell reparation activity going on in the area.

Treatment Cost

Depending on the number of moles and how severe it is, a surgery to remove moles can be anywhere between £200-1000.  Of course, the more delicate the situation, the more medical attention and caution is needed during surgery.  Ask your doctor about the treatment cost so you can get an estimate on how much you will spend for the moles that you want removed.

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