Laser for Mole Removal

People have different opinions with regard to the mole or moles that they have on their body.  When moles are discreet and are located in unobtrusive places, they are often regarded as assets that provide accents to human bodies.  However, people who have large moles that are located in obvious places such as the face, neck, or arms, especially if they are protruding and have hairs on them, often worry about how ghastly it looks and how it poses a threat to the health of a person.  If you are planning to remove your mole, you better consider the use of laser for mole removal.  Laser for mole removal is one of the methods of removing moles that is gaining popularity nowadays.  It is efficient, safe, and does not bring too much pain (or any pain at all!).  Read on to know more about how laser for mole removal works.

The Process of Laser Mole Removal

Laser for mole removal is a method that involves the use of laser energy to break down melanin, the coloured pigments of the skin.  By targeting the area where the mole is located, the energy breaks the concentration of melanin down.  In the process, the body carries the disintegrated pigments the same way it carries cellular waste.  Soon after, the colour of the mole fades and becomes less incongruous.  Laser for mole removal may take anywhere between 1 to 5 sessions of therapy, depending on the accumulation of pigments in the area.  Usually, 3 sessions of therapy will suffice.  After 3-4 days from receiving therapy, you may expect the mole to fall off or fade (the result depends on the type of mole that was removed).

Benefits of Laser for Mole Removal

Undergoing laser for mole removal is highly recommended because it is fast, virtually painless, has minimal health risks, and is very practical.  You may also go back to your regular routine right after the treatment, since it does not require you to stay indoors or to have lots of rest.  A good sun cream is all you need to keep the area protected and properly healed.

After the therapy, you are guaranteed to have clearer skin with minimal or no scarring.  You also need not schedule monthly appointments with your dermatologist to get it checked, unless you want to monitor the condition of the mole.  Laser for mole removal is proven to be fast, easy, and very economical.

Misconceptions of Laser for Mole Removal

Be aware of the fact that although laser for mole removal is effective in removing the discoloration seen in a mole, it does not guarantee that the mole will no longer recur.  Lasers do not always reach the roots of a mole, so it is not assured that laser therapy would kill a mole entirely.  Also, make sure that your dermatologist carefully assessed the type of mole you have, since laser for mole removal is not applicable to all mole types, especially if you have a cancerous mole!

Expected Treatment Cost of Laser Mole Removal

A session of laser therapy treatment can cost as low as £50.  You may expect the cost of complete therapy to be around £300, inclusive of doctor’s fees, laser treatment, follow up check-ups, and soothing creams if needed.

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