Laser Mole Removal Cost

Laser mole removal is a cosmetic procedure in which a light beam is targeted at the mole cells with the intention of disintegrating them. Moles are made of pigment cells, and that pigment absorbs the laser light beam which affects the mole by disintegrating the pigment. The latter is then removed by the body as the healing phase begins. The treatment is less harmful than other laser mole removal procedures because the laser seals the blood vessels, and thus the laser mole removal technique does not require suturing or the use of stitches.

For a mole to be suitable for laser treatment a profound analysis of the mole is required to ensure it is benign, and thus harmless.  This is because the laser mole removal procedure doesn’t allow tissue to be sent to the lab for a biopsy, so it is important to have an expert determine the status of the mole before subjecting yourself to laser treatment.  A laser mole removal procedure doesn’t guarantee the complete removal of the mole, but it is designed to decrease the size of the mole and its coloration, making it far less obvious.

Laser Mole Removal

To ensure the efficiency of the procedure, only pigmented, small-sized, new and flat moles should be removed through laser treatment, and it is crucial you choose only a recognised skin expert to perform this mole removal method.  Disregarding this important aspect of mole removal can lead to a pre-cancerous mole being mistreated, and this can lead to the serious consequence of allowing skin cancer to develop.  Even if you are concerned about the laser mole removal cost, it is imperative that you contact only a qualified skin specialist.  The best way to ensure you get optimal treatment is by visiting a local renowned clinic that deals with laser mole removal.
The reason why it is important to choose the right person to perform the laser mole removal is because such a procedure may lead to inconvenient side effects such as incomplete treatment of the problem, infection, pain, bleeding, scarring and skin colour modifications.  These side effects may happen as a consequence of undergoing laser treatment, but having an unqualified person performing it might make these side effects even worse.

Laser Mole Removal Cost

Many of those interested in having their moles removed are concerned about the high costs of mole removal procedures.  In the case of laser treatment, the procedure is not necessarily expensive, but since a mole needs up to three sessions to be properly eradicated, the expenses rise with the number of laser treatments performed.  In addition, the laser mole removal cost also differs according to the size, type and amount of moles the patient needs removing.

Usually, the expenses associated with this mole removal method start around £70, but some procedures may cost below £40.  If you have your moles removed for cosmetic purposes only, the expenses of such procedures are not normally covered by the NHS, however if the mole threatens one’s health, the costs should be covered by your health insurer.  Since laser treatment is not suitable for malign mole removal, it is probable that you will have to pay for the full cost of the procedure.

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