Facial Mole Removal Cost

Moles or nevi are dark-coloured spots present on the skin which grow in number as a person ages and exposes their skin to the sun.  Facial moles just like any other moles can be harmless or dangerous.  Moles that are not benign can lead to a sort of skin cancer known as melanoma.  For this reason, suspicious moles have to be removed, but only through the adequate mole removal means.  Aside from dangerous moles, people may opt for facial mole removal because many moles located on the face can look unsightly, and thus become a reason for embarrassment.  So, whether we’re talking about aesthetic or health reasons, facial mole removal procedures are needed for helping people to get rid of an unattractive problem.

To test a suspicious mole, the doctor can perform a biopsy which consists of removing a small portion of the mole which is then analysed.  Based on the results of the biopsy, a person can then start looking for a facial mole removal clinic that is specialised with the kind of technique suitable for removing a particular mole or group of moles.

Facial Mole Removal Techniques

The facial mole removal cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of method used.  Here are the mole removal procedures that are suitable for eliminating moles located on the face area:

Moles can be eradicated either by shaving or by performing an incision.  The first method is used for eliminating the protruding part of the mole, yet mole cells remain beneath the skin and can allow the mole to re-grow.  Although it causes less scarring when compared with cutting methods, this procedure is not suitable for removing dangerous moles from a person’s face.

Laser treatment is another method that doesn’t involve any cutting at all.  A light beam is concentrated at the mole area to break apart its pigment cells, the disintegrated pigment being afterwards absorbed into the bloodstream by the body.  Newly formed moles which are also small and flat can be successfully removed by using this method.

The cutting method is used for eliminating potentially cancerous moles; these are entirely removed along with a portion of the surrounding skin.  The wound is either stitched or cauterised, the first technique being more likely to cause unsightly scarring.

Facial Mole Removal Cost

The expenses associated with mole removal depend on the type and size of the moles, the number of moles that are to be removed, the method used and the clinic where the procedure is performed.  Another factor that influences the total facial mole removal cost has to do with the number of sessions required until the elimination of the mole, and depending on the mole, a person may need to undergo a few mole removal sessions to complete the facial mole removal process.  Typically, the fees range from around £75 to £250 and prior to deciding upon the total costs, a person needs to discuss the upcoming procedure with the doctor to determine if the figure will include further associated costs.

Also, the facial mole removal cost may also be influenced by the option of having medical insurance or the NHS cover the expenses, but as long as a mole is not dangerous, most health insurance companies do not finance mole removal procedures based on personal preferences.

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