Mole Removal Home Remedy

Mole removal is something that usually is performed by a doctor, in the safe environment of a clinic.  It is usually a medical procedure that either implies surgery or applying a chemical substance on the mole, effectively killing it.  It also implies a cost, ranging anywhere from £250 to £500, depending on the seriousness of the procedure, the location of the mole (or moles) and, of course, its size.

Obviously, in the case of serious health issues like the possibility of cancer, doctors should be involved.  But in the case of a benign mole where the only issue is aesthetic, there are ways to avoid spending that much money, by using other kinds of treatments.  The pharmaceutical industry will provide plenty of options - although for those it is recommended that you get a doctor's opinion in regards to which product to use and how to use it, just to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.  However, your own fridge may sometimes be a source of treatment, if used correctly.

Mole Removal Home Remedy – When Food Becomes Medicine

Onions are known throughout the naturalist medicine community as a remedy for many conditions, including colds, coughing and asthma, bacterial infections, angina and many breathing problems.  If you take the time to extract some onion juice from the onion, you may discover that it can also help with moles.  Applying it on the mole a few times a day for about a week should do the trick.

The fact that garlic is a healthy plant is something we all probably know one way or another - although not many people associate it with removing moles.  And yet, one can use fresh garlic cloves to remove moles.  Cut in slices and kept on the mole with a band aid for three nights in a row - you should be able to see differences after that.  Just make sure not to damage the skin surrounding the mole.  Petroleum jelly carefully applied in the area should help with this.

A less efficient but maybe cleaner way to get rid of moles includes applying grapefruit juice each day on the mole for about a month.

Advantages of using Mole Removal Home Remedy

The most obvious advantage will be in the cost of the treatment.  No matter which doctor you see or which pharmaceutical solution you go for, it will always cost more than a piece of onion or garlic (or a couple of grapefruits) and, in the end, there may be better uses for £500.  On top of the cost, there is also the fact that is quite likely that a natural treatment while maybe not as effective as a pharmaceutical one, has less side-effects and less risks included.  Just think of the last time you got sick from eating a grapefruit and replace that with what you think would happen if you swallowed any of the mole removal pharmaceutical options out there.

However, it is recommended to be cautious, even in the case of an all-natural treatment.  Any substance that is meant to destroy a piece of skin (which is what the mole is, effectively), can eventually turn up to damage some skin that is not in your target to destroy.  Of course, that also applies for just about any treatment, but in the case of self-applied treatment it is particularly necessary to emphasise.

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