Garlic Mole Removal

If you have a mole or a number of moles on your face or body that you would like to remove yet cannot afford the costs for private treatment, why not start out trying some home mole removal remedies?  These remedies are very cheap and you can often use items of food that you would usually have in your house.  Garlic is an ingredient that has been known for centuries to help with healing and health.  It has also been linked to mole removal.  If you have a non-cancerous mole that you want removing, why not give garlic mole removal a try before spending some of your hard earned cash?

Why Try Garlic Mole Removal?

Garlic is proven to be one of the best natural methods when attempting to rid your skin of moles.  Although the results vary from one person to another, some people who have tried using garlic for mole removal have found that they have been successful within just a few days.  Garlic is cheap, convenient and highly effective.  It is also less harmful to your skin than many over the counter mole removal creams.

How do you use Garlic Mole Removal?

There are a number of ways in which you can use garlic to remove moles from your face and body.  The first way to try is buying some garlic extract from a supermarket or health food store.  You should then protect the area around the mole with either petroleum jelly or masking tape and then using a cotton bud, apply the garlic extract directly to the mole.  Following application, place a plaster over the mole to encourage scabbing and to keep the extract in place.  You should attempt this method three times a day until the mole scabs and falls off.

Another popular garlic mole removal home remedy can be done by crushing pieces of garlic.  This method is very similar to the method above and involves using the juice from crushed garlic and applying that directly to the mole.  You should apply this three times a day until the mole falls off.  Remember to use petroleum jelly to avoid burning the skin surrounding the mole.

The last method that you can try in garlic mole removal uses garlic pods.  To do this buy some raw garlic pods from a health food store and chop them into small pieces.  You can then apply the chopped garlic pieces to the mole you want to remove and keep them in place by using a plaster.  The best way to keep the garlic pieces in place is by covering them with a plaster.  Ideally this method should be used before going to bed, as it is a good idea to keep the garlic pods in place for around eight hours.  This garlic mole removal method is much slower than the two mentioned above and may take between three and four weeks to be effective.  However, it is a much cheaper alternative to shop bought creams and surgery and has an 80% success rate.

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