Dermatend Mole Removal

There are numerous ways to remove moles including home remedies, over the counter oils and creams, laser treatment and surgery.  Dermatend is an over the counter product that claims to work quickly and effectively to remove moles for whatever reasons you may have.  Like many shop bought creams it has many ingredients, with one of the main ones being bloodroot – an ingredient that is popular in home mole removal remedies.  But how does Dermatend work and will it work for you?

How do You Use Dermatend for Mole Removal?

Dermatend is a simple cream to use.  Below are some step by step instructions to be followed when using Dermatend for mole removal:

  1. The first step is to roughen the mole with either a needle or an emery board.  You should do this until you notice a change in the texture of the skin but not until the skin begins to bleed.
  2. Clean the mole and the area surrounding it with soapy, warm water.  Then dry.
  3. Apply petroleum jelly to the area surrounding the mole, and then using a cotton bud apply Dermatend directly to the mole.
  4. Leave the solution in place for between 20-30 minutes. 
  5. The mole should have now scabbed so it is time to gently wash the area again with warm water.  After leaving the area to dry, use a plaster to cover the scabbed mole.

These instructions are relatively simple to follow and should result in the mole scabbing by the end of it.  This is what you are hoping to achieve as once the mole scabs it will begin to peel away from the skin and fall off.

Things to Remember when Applying Dermatend for Mole Removal

Although the instructions are easy to follow there are a few things that you should keep in mind when attempting Dermatend mole removal.  Initially you should expect the area where you have applied the Dermatend to sting within 5-10 minutes of the product being applied.  This is normal and in fact if you do not feel any pain you may need to start over with phase one – roughening the skin.

The second thing to remember is not to be too liberal with the application of the Dermatend solution.  It is also VERY important to remember to apply petroleum jelly to the area surrounding the mole.  Forgetting to do this can result in the solution touching the skin and the skin burning.  Some packs of Dermatend come with a pack of healing solution attached so you can use this as per the instructions.
The last thing to remember is to not pick the scab of the mole.  If you have done the above steps correctly you can be assured that the mole will scab.  The plaster is used to prevent the scab from being accidentally torn away so don’t try to pick it yourself.  If you do you are risking a large scar where the mole was initially.

Dermatend is said to be one of the top mole removal products in the world today, and at around £25 for five mole applications, it is much more cost effective than surgery.

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