Bloodroot for Mole Removal

There are numerous plants and herbs that can be used as natural mole removal methods, and bloodroot is one of them.  This plant is recognised for its medicinal powers, and was used by the Native Americans for such reasons.  Today, people choose bloodroot as a way to remove undesirable skin growths such as moles, but its toxic nature is a reason of concern for persons that are not used to this plant, therefore they must proceed with caution if they want to minimise the risk of misuse.

The Availability of Bloodroot for Mole Removal

Bloodroot grows in Canada and in the north area of the US, but it is commercially available in the United Kingdom in the form of bloodroot paste contained in jars whose cost is affordable for anyone interested in removing their moles by using a herbal treatment.  Bloodroot is more expensive than other plants used in natural mole removal methods, but far less costly than conventional mole removal procedures.
Another thing you need to know about bloodroot is that this plant is on the list of endangered species, but that doesn’t guarantee that the plant’s qualities are useful in all mole removal cases.  Bloodroot products can be acquired from stores that sell this plant for its medicinal purposes, and these products do not usually contain only bloodroot, but also other ingredients such as zinc oxide which is known to lead to scabbing of the skin.  If you intend to purchase a bloodroot paste or salve, make sure you get it from a qualified vendor to benefit from the full ingredients of the product.

Applying Bloodroot for Mole Removal Purposes

First of all, bloodroot damages the skin therefore you need to pay attention when applying it onto the mole to avoid getting too much tissue affected by the bloodroot paste.  Once you apply it with the use of a toothpick, you need to cover up the area with a bandage or a band aid strip.  Do not change the bandage in less than two days to allow the plant to achieve its purpose, and after the required time expires, remove the bandage, clean the bloodroot from the skin and repeat the applying process.  Keep doing this until you notice the disappearance of the mole or until you acquire the desired effects.  After this, you need to allow the affected area to heal by using antiseptic gel which needs securing with a bandage.  Leave it like that for a few days, and protect the sensitive skin from sun exposure and other irritants for several weeks.

Bloodroot for Mole Removal Controversies

Because of its high potential of damaging the skin, some skincare specialists do not acknowledge the benefits of bloodroot as a mole removal method.  Since people have reported irreversible scarring after applying bloodroot paste on the skin, this method is highly controversial and should be done with adequate attention to avoid harmful side effects for the surround skin tissue.  Not all people notice visible positive results following this mole removal method, however in about 80% of cases, it seems that bloodroot does work to remove unsightly moles.  If you have any doubts or concerns regarding this natural mole removal method, it is advised that you discuss the matter with a skincare specialist.


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