ACV Mole Removal

ACV or apple cider vinegar has been proven on numerous occasions to be a perfect home remedy when it comes to mole removal.  It works best on small, non-raised moles that are non-malignant; and should you think that a mole may be cancerous it is always best to have it thoroughly checked by a doctor before attempting any home remedies for mole removal.  Apple cider vinegar works as a natural astringent which is why it works so well when it comes to removing moles.  It is also cheap and when used correctly it is healthier than some over the counter remedies that contain alcohol.

ACV Mole Removal

Apple cider vinegar has been found to date back to the Egyptian times, so this is one home mole removal remedy that has been in use for thousands of years.  The best way to use this product to remove moles is to soak a cotton wool ball in the mixture and then dab it over the area of the mole.  Following application you should immediately place a plaster over the mole and not remove it for around three hours.  This will prevent infection and also ensure that the vinegar stays in place.  You should repeat this method three times a day for at least three weeks in order for it to be effective.
The properties of the apple cider vinegar will over time work to decrease the size of the mole until eventually it fades away.  Although there is no actual medical proof that using apple cider vinegar to remove moles actually works, a quick search on the internet does show that for over 80% of people who have attempted this method their moles did fall off within three weeks. 

ACV Mole Removal Side Effects

Whilst apple cider vinegar does seem to be a good way to remove moles from the skin, there are a few side effects to this method that must be mentioned.  It is vitally important that when applying the vinegar to the mole that you do not let any vinegar run onto the bare skin.  Vaseline can help with this and applying a small amount just around the edge of the mole can do the trick.  Due to the acidity of apple cider vinegar, applying it onto bare skin can cause the skin to burn and blister.  Dark patches may also be seen around the area of the mole if not applied correctly.

What if ACV for Mole Removal doesn’t Work?

If apple cider vinegar does not work on your moles do not worry.  Everybody is different and what works for one individual may not work for another.  There are many other home remedies for mole removal that you can try including pineapple, garlic, castor oil and honey.  You can also opt for over the counter creams for mole removal or speak to your doctor about mole removal via surgery or laser.  It is important to remember to have any mole checked out by a doctor if you think it has changed shape, colour or if you think it could be malignant.


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